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r: your website

David, compliments on starting a new web site of your photos. I know from experience it is a process and labor of love since very few dollars are generated from photo web sites these days. But I'm glad to see you've entered the fray of the Internet search. Good luck, and I will continue looking at your new web site as you post new photos. As you know I'm a big fan and admirer of your photos on TrekLens, so I expect the same quality on this web site. But of course you must add some "beer pictures" to pique my interest. Cheers, JoeGoff, Louisville, KY
Joe Goff

Great visit into your colored world

Bravo Mr ! A great site with a professional look...! You can be proud of it !!!
You have some fabulous shots...!
Continue your wonderful adventure....
Soundsangels (on TL)
Claude La Rivi?re

Hello David

I have wanted to check your new website out for some days , gee i was just a click away , shame on me but here i am finally , lol !
Congratulations David , you have kept it simple and easy to navigate , that is how i like them . I look forward to seeing more of your work , as mentioned in your intro still not many but hey it's a good start !
Happy shooting and make sure to keep them coming ,
all my best ,
Carol Dorion

Great Site!

David, your site looks great! Can't wait to see more photos. Keep up the great work.

Lisa Williams


Even if I am not active for a few months, I still do not forget talented friends and photographers.
Good luck in your new project. Your art certainly deserves its own site.
Robert Calv?

Great Website

Hi David
You've decorated your website with fabulous photos, pleasant structure and unique design. I did get pleasure of visiting your galleries.
Well done...
Alireza Rezaian


Very nice!! I especially like the portrait of your son. You've visited some great places and captured them well. Keep up the great work. Karen Arnold
Karen Arnold

Your photo site

Hi David,
It's always fun to have a website yourself. Most of the pictures are known, nevertheless they are wonderful. Good to have aviator beyond my photographing friends. Keep on shooting and keep on flying. Hope to meet you somewhere sometime.
Hans "Green Baron" Spruijt
Hans Spruijt